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May 12th, 2004

About For those who actually want to talk about movies ...

Foreword 03:17 am
Welcome to the LJ Movie Club, where we will discuss a movie every week. This community is an experiment.

Other film communities have people constantly joining and talking about their favorite movies and what-not. What this creates is a knowledge vortex, where the exact same stuff comes up every couple of weeks. So someone talks about Donnie Darko or Adaptation or Spun, and everyone talks about it. A little bit later, someone else joins and talks about those same movies. So, there's a cycle to the movies.

This is a problem if you're sick of talking about Donnie Darko and Adaptation and Spun. So to bring a constantly fresh discussion and to steal the idea of a Book Club, I bring you the LJ Movie Club.

Essentially, every week a post will be made with a movie assignment. You then have 9 days to view this movie and be prepared to discuss it by commenting to a special post dedicated to talking about the movie. This will (1) hopefully keep people on-topic, (2) keep all discussion on a movie located in a central post, and (3) be very gentle on your friends list. This means only I will be posting to the community; everyone else will be making comments in the discussion posts.

A system will be put in place that will allow people to suggest movies to be assigned for the Club, and will randomly generate the movie for each week. The movies that will be selected will be lesser-known, but available to rent in most places (such as at Blockbuster).

The discussions will be about all aspects of the movie, from acting and directing to writing and special effects. How it made you feel or what it reminded you of. Background information on the production or story, trivia and quotes, or references and influences.

LJ Movie Club Assignment 1: Das Experiment 03:23 pm
This is more or less a test run ...

The cherry poppin' movie for the LJ Movie Club is Das Experiment. It is a German movie based on the Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in 1971 that placed normal people in roles of prisoners and guards to see how the situations affected their personalities. Things went horribly wrong. Of course, the movie takes artistic liberties with the subject matter, but with Moritz Bleibtreu (Manni from Run Lola Run) as the main character, who cares about its historical accuracy.

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Starring: Moritz Bleibtreu
Release Year: 2001
Country: Germany

Availability: Rental stores
BitTorrent: no known seeders

Discussion Date: May 20, 2004

Since this is the first assignment, I would like some feedback. Future assignments may not have the comment feature turned on, since this isn't the place for discussion ... the later discussion post will be for that. But, I'm looking for input on this. So, feel free to drop in some ideas or suggestions. Is this movie too hard to find? Uninteresting? Rather I'd find something you can download or see on TV instead of having to go and rent it?

(note: this wasn't picked by the random movie picker I mentioned, because that isn't done yet, and I currently have Das Experiment sitting on my kitchen table, so I picked it ... plus, my roommate suggested it and I was already thinking it, so ... yeah).

What'd'ya think?
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